The Final Countdown

By: Maggie Walsh

Beyond the Angel Pack 5


First, to two very special people in my life, Cece Parrell and Jean-pierre Dagenais. Your love, support, and friendship has meant more to me than you will ever know. This book probably wouldn’t have been written without your encouragement, or at least may have taken a hell of a lot longer. Thank you both so much. I love you.

To my readers, this one and the next in line took a lot out of me. Each day as I wrote, I went through so many emotions, and at the end of the day felt completely drain, but I believe it paid off in the end. I knew it would wreck me when the day came that I would finally have to write them. It has taken me longer than usual, but it is finally here. Your patience, support, and encouragement mean the world to me and helped me to keep going.

I know without reading them you don’t understand what I am talking about, but once you do, you will understand.

This one goes very deep, and very dark because it leads us into the next story. The battle with Hades and the outcome of the prophecy are finally here.

So in one part of this book I thought I would give us all a reprieve from the seriousness of the situation and have a little fun with our Angel Men.

So get your YouTube ready and key up the music, for a whole new reading experience.


Fourteen years ago

The car raced down the highway at top speed, weaving in and out of traffic. The wet pavement from the recent rain made the tires skid and the car slide sideways. Nicco gripped the wheel tighter as he maneuvered the car around an eighteen-wheeler. The rear fishtailed, causing his passenger to cry out. Nicco chanced a quick peek in the rear-view mirror, seeing the young woman turning pale as her eyes widened, and she held on to the seat with a death grip.

Looking back to the road just in time to see a line of red brake lights ahead, Nicco knew he needed to get off this road before he hit the traffic mess ahead, or he risked losing his charge. The young woman in the back seat was the daughter of a very rich real estate tycoon from Houston, and his client. The rich man had a few business deals go wrong and was being blackmailed by his business partner. Once things started to get dangerous, the man had called ParaSafe for a bodyguard.

They kept the man safe and in the meantime managed to discover that it was the business partner who was behind the blackmail and the dirty business deal. While they had escorted the man to Dallas to meet with the state attorney general, his wife and son had been murdered. Nicco received a call the previous night from Dante and Micah that he needed to get to Maine where the daughter was attending college and keep her safe as he got her to Dallas to meet up with her father and the special prosecutor.

Nicco immediately disseminated to Maine and rented a car, and then drove the few miles to the University where the young woman was waiting for him. He had driven all night, then stopped at a small out of the way motel near Hershey, Pennsylvania, just before sunrise, and switched with Raith.

Raith had rented him a room for the day, as he took over guarding the woman and driving south. To try to throw off any tail that might be following them, Raith had weaved his way south for a few hours, then turned west, before turning north again and heading toward Kansas. Once the sun went down in Parsons, Kansas, Raith called him to give Nicco their location, and he disseminated to Raith and took over again.

So far, their trip had been uneventful, but as he crossed over into Plano, Texas, Nicco spotted the tail. He called his best friend Viktor and notified him what was happening. Vik had given him the location of a nearby underground garage where he would meet them. Nicco could quickly drive in and make the exchange with Vik, who would be waiting with a female bodyguard, and then Nicco could drive back out and fool whoever was following.

The plan wasn’t going too well though. Whoever was behind them was good, and Nicco couldn’t shake him. The glaring red lights of the line of cars in front of him were getting closer, and Nicco needed to make a move soon. He scanned the area, and off to the left he noticed an emergency vehicle turnaround in the center divider. It was only supposed to be used by emergency personnel, but this was an emergency. He would have to deal with any cops if they spotted him.

The car following him was gaining ground, and at the last minute, Nicco slammed on his brakes, causing the tires to smoke, and lurched the car left, hitting the dirt in the median hard and kicking up a cloud. The front tires hit the pavement on the other side of the highway, and the car slid, losing control for a moment before Nicco righted them and slammed his foot down on the accelerator. He looked in the side mirror and noticed the car that was following him having a hard time getting around a truck so that he could use the turnaround as well.

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