A Child's Christmas Wish(95)

By: Erica Vetsch

She shook her head. “I did, but you said I couldn’t have one, so I changed my wish.” She nodded, serious. “I prayed every night.”

“And what did you pray for?” he asked.

“I prayed for a family for Christmas.”

He hugged her tight, reaching out and drawing Kate into the embrace.

She rested her head on his shoulder and smiled into Liesl’s eyes. “You know what? I wished for the very same thing. Merry Christmas, sweetling.”

* * * * *

Dear Reader,

I love Christmas, don’t you? I especially love Christmas traditions, those special things we do once a year, those things we anticipate all year long. For the Vetsch family it is making peanut brittle, watching the 1951 Alastair Sim version of Scrooge, waffles on Christmas Day and reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 before we open gifts.

In A Child’s Christmas Wish, the Christmas activities center around Swiss traditions—especially dear to me, as my husband’s family is Swiss. In Switzerland, Advent calendars are a big part of the festivities. Parents desire to instill both patience and anticipation in their children through the countdown to Christmas Day. I love this practice, because isn’t anticipation of Christmas a huge part of the holiday season?

I hope you enjoy A Child’s Christmas Wish, and that you will celebrate this season with a few traditions of your own!

Merry Christmas!

Erica Vetsch

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