Bringing Emma Home(109)

By: Stella MacLean

Standing beside him, seeing him with his daughter, Grace was struck by how much they looked alike, each with curly auburn hair and wide smiles.

She glanced around the wide foyer, the long length of window forming one wall of the living room, the dining room beyond the living room, its table set as if waiting for the fun and laughter of a dinner party.

Aidan turned his smile on her, making her tummy tingle. “Are we sure this rabbit is a boy?” he asked.

“Not sure. But the name works. If needed we can change the name to Samantha, Sam for short,” she said, noting that Emma was suddenly showing a great deal of interest in her. “What do you think?” she asked, leaning down toward Emma.

“Just Sam.” Emma shook her fist for emphasis. “The rabbit is mine. He looks really, really hungry. I want to get more carrot and some lettuce and see if he will eat it from my hand,” she said, heading back down the hall toward the kitchen. They followed, glancing at each other.

As Grace moved toward the kitchen with Aidan, she had the sensation that she was coming home: home to a life of toys everywhere, Cheerios in the cereal cupboard and a little girl who was enthusiastic about everything.

“We’re the lucky ones, aren’t we?” she said, hugging Aidan close, her smile open, her heart humming. “We are in our home with our daughter.”

“Life doesn’t get much better than this, Mrs. Fellowes,” Aidan said. “We’ll get packed and take Emma away on our first family vacation to Disney World.”

He pulled her into his arms, kissed the breath from her lips. “Welcome home, my love.”

* * * * *

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