What A Girl Wants (Harlequin Blaze)(82)

By: Jamie Sobrato

Jane untied her white silk robe and shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it fall in a puddle at her feet. “Those sound like my kind of plans.”

“Come here, woman.” He pulled her onto the bed on top of him, encircling her in his arms.

Ever since she’d told Luke about what happened at the wedding reception with Eli, he’d been even more protective of her than usual, always wanting her within the safe haven of his arms.

Jane ran her hands up his bare chest and neck, then buried them in the dark curtain of his hair. “So what are these plans, anyway?”

He nudged her legs open with his knees, and she felt his erection pressing against her, where she was already wet and ready for him. He slid inside, and Jane expelled what she had come to recognize as the sigh of a well-pleasured woman.

“I was just thinking about your next book,” he said.

“Hmm?” Jane became less and less interested in conversation with each delicious thrust.

“Now that you have a more balanced view of men thanks to me, maybe you could write a little letter of appreciation to me at the beginning.”

She smiled. “Oh, believe me, I’ve got a letter of appreciation for you.”

“Good, then you’re already thinking about what you should say.”

“Mmm-hmm. ‘To my dear husband Luke, thank you for always remembering when to shut up and make love to me.’”

“That’s not quite the message I had in mind,” he said, then paused to give her a long, slow kiss. “But I get the point. We’ll continue this conversation later.”

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