Love Songs and Lullabies

By: Amy Vastine

Their engagement is a sham...

But their baby-to-be isn’t!

Country music stars Sawyer Stratton and Piper Starling are headed for the top of the charts. But then their course shifts unexpectedly...toward parenthood! The only way to keep Piper’s pregnancy from making the wrong headlines is to set the proverbial date. But how can Piper go through with a fake engagement when her feelings for Sawyer are anything but?

“I’m thrilled to present Piper Starling and Sawyer Stratton!” country icon Sara Gilmore exclaimed.

As the lights came up and the music started to play, Piper reminded herself that the stage was home. Nothing could hurt her here.

Piper sang the song, holding nothing back. The song was about fear—the fear of letting go. Piper was very much afraid, but this time of having to hold on.

As the song neared the end, her gaze locked with Sawyer’s. He stepped closer. Piper froze. At rehearsal, they had decided he would back away as the music faded. He was clearly changing the plan here.

Piper’s heart pounded. Sawyer pushed the guitar behind his back then reached up and cradled her cheek in his hand. The blood thumped in her ears. She had no idea what he was doing. As the lights began to dim, he leaned forward, his lips inches from hers.

The crowd gasped and then exploded into thunderous applause.

Piper blinked and everything went black.

Dear Reader,

I am so excited to finally get to share Sawyer and Piper’s story with you. The Grace Note Records series has been a joy to write because even though the books are tied to the same record company, every character faces different challenges.

When I started writing this series, I knew the combination of the Nashville music scene and the small-town setting would create a dramatic backdrop for romance. Thankfully, it delivered! This story takes us out of Grass Lake and into the world of country music. It was fun to explore the behind-the-scenes life of a country performer...and to throw some pretty huge obstacles at our hero and heroine. I hope you enjoy my latest love story and survive the roller coaster of emotion Sawyer and Piper experience along the way!

I love to hear from my readers. You can find me on Facebook at, or you can visit my website,, where you can sign up for my newsletter, receive release information, enter contests and giveaways, and learn about promotions. There’s also a list and link to all my backlist titles.

Welcome back to Grace Note Records. I hope to see you again!

Amy Vastine


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I’m pregnant?”

Piper Starling felt like she’d stepped outside her body. Her stomach rolled. The walls of the exam room inside Nashville General Hospital’s ER began to close in. This could not be happening.

“Miss Starling—” The doctor took a seat on the stool beside the exam table.

“You must be mistaken.” Piper tried to control the shakiness of her voice and hang on to the single shred of hope from which she dangled. “I’m here because I twisted my ankle. I’m waiting for an X-ray, not a pregnancy test.”

She had bumped into Sawyer Stratton onstage while setting up for rehearsal and twisted it. High heels and poor balance did not mix well.

The doctor scratched at his closely cropped gray beard and gave her a sympathetic smile. “I know why you came in, Piper. I think perhaps my nurse failed to mention a pregnancy test is part of the routine bloodwork we perform here in the ER.”

Piper crinkled the paper covering the exam table in her fists. Pregnant. This made the possibility of a broken ankle seem like nothing. She could barely absorb what the doctor was saying as he went on about soft-tissue damage and the necessity of prenatal vitamins and a more balanced lifestyle going forward.

A sharp knock on the door made Piper jump. Before the doctor could get to his feet, her father pushed it open. Piper’s heart flew into overdrive. She might be a grown woman, but her father’s opinion of her was still the most important thing in her life.

“Ah, so a doctor finally did show up.” Heath Starling handed Piper the bottle of water he had gotten her and began his rant. “We’ve been here for almost two hours. Are you here to take her to get this X-ray? You do know who my daughter is, right?”

“I know who your daughter is, sir.” The doctor rose and offered his hand. “I’m Dr. Michaels.”

Her father had no time for niceties. “We’re on a tight schedule today. If her ankle is broken, we have to know so we can make adjustments sooner than later. Why do hospitals have to be so inefficient?”

The doctor was about to respond when Piper slid off the table and gingerly put some weight on her foot. “No X-ray, Dad. I’m fine. The doctor was just explaining to me that he’s sure it’s a sprain and not broken.”

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