Midnight Dreams(2)

By: Kayla Perrin

crushing her breasts against his chest, the intimate contact

thrilling her more than she’d ever been thrilled in her life.

“You know why, Jade? You know why you can’t tell me that

you’re in love with Nelson?”

She didn’t know what to say, let alone think. Closing her

eyes, she dropped her head forward, resting it against Terrell’s

chest. Wrong move for the alluring smell of his cologne mixed

with his own masculine scent suddenly made her think of


getting naked with him—and only made her wonder about his

question. She loved Nelson, she was sure of it, but every time

she was around Terrell, she felt confused.

“Because Nelson doesn’t make you feel the way I do, does


“That’s not…our relationship…it’s based on…more…”

On what exactly, she didn’t know right now. Not while Terrell

was holding her so tightly, like he never wanted to let her go.

The feel of his hands caused her body to burn with feelings

she shouldn’t have for another man.

“Look at me.”

She couldn’t. She didn’t want to see his eyes.

He made her. Placing a finger beneath her chin, he lifted her

head upward. Finally their eyes met. His dark eyes were beguil-

ing and offered her more than she was willing to contemplate.

“Kiss me,” he whispered, his voice making her feel like

she’d been jolted by an electric current.

She shouldn’t. Kisses were reserved for Nelson, her fiancé.

But her heart defied her mind, and her fingers slowly crept up

his arm, finding his wide shoulders. She gripped them tightly,

as though they were a lifeline offering to save her from a stormy

sea. Was that how she felt about marrying Nelson? That he was

a stormy sea, one in which she might get swept away and drown?

Pushing the irksome thought to the back of her mind, Jade

ran her fingers over Terrell’s shoulders, feeling the corded

muscles beneath his thin T-shirt, wishing she could explore his

strong body without the barrier of clothes between them. Her

fingers paused. This was two times in less than two minutes

that she’d thought of getting him naked, and Jade was truly

startled. When had she become this…this wanton? But the

answer to that question fled her mind as heat emanated from

his body to hers. And suddenly she wanted to be lost in that

Kayla Perrin


heat—simply enjoying the feel of his body pressed to hers.

She wondered how wrong it would be. One night of passion

before she committed to Nelson for the rest of her life…

Her heart pounded furiously as his face neared hers, as his

warm breath gently fanned her face. She was paralyzed,

unable to move, unable to speak. How could something so

wrong feel so good?

Slowly his fingers ran up and down her back, flirting with the

exposed skin. The dress she wore crossed at the back, leaving

gaping areas uncovered from her waist to her neck. This is dan-

gerous, she told herself as his hands fiddled with the straps,

slipping beneath, caressing her heated skin. And all the while

he edged his face nearer hers, ever so slowly—she thought she’d

go insane if he didn’t just kiss her senseless and get it over with.

His nose touched her face, intimately skimming her

forehead, her eyelids, one cheek, then and her own nose. Jade

was lost, and as he softly kissed the tip of her nose, she parted

her lips on a sigh. Her nails dug into his shoulders now as a

need unlike anything she’d ever experienced consumed her.

“Oh, yes, Terrell. Yes.” Who was this woman who had

taken over her body, her thoughts, her desires?


His lips covered hers. They weren’t tentative and shy but

hungry and desperate. It was as if he were trying to prove a

point with the kiss, to make her forget Nelson and her engage-

ment to him. Or maybe he was giving her a piece of him she

would never forget.

He broke the kiss moments later and the sounds of their

heavy breathing filled the warm, night air. She felt dazed. It

was hard to keep a level head near Terrell; he exuded a raw

sexuality that was impossible to ignore.

She wanted more. Arching on her toes, she leaned into him,


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