Midnight Dreams(10)

By: Kayla Perrin

week of January, call me.”

“All right.”

Kenny said, “Baby, who don’t you invite her to the party

Kayla Perrin


on Friday night? Since some of the people from the magazine

will be there, it will be a great chance for Jade to meet them.”

Cassandra’s eyes lit up. “Great idea. Thanks, honey.”

“No problem, baby.”

As their lips met for another brief kiss, Jade wondered if

Cassandra would ever think one of Kenny’s ideas was

anything other than great. She doubted it.

Jade cast a nervous glance at her watch. She hoped Pierre

hadn’t seen her spending so much time at this table, for it

would surely make him even more upset.

Cassandra faced her. “I’m throwing a New Year’s Eve

party. Are you working that night?”

“Actually, I’ve got the evening off.” She’d taken it off to

spend the evening alone, a tribute to the way she’d be spending

the new year. But even her roommate had thrown the prover-

bial kink in that plan, as she, too, had taken that evening off.

“Great! Then you have to come.”

“Where is it?”

“At the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Girl, it’s gonna

be a great party.”

“I don’t know.”

“Look, you have to come. Not only will this be the party

of the century, but as Kenny said, some of the people from

UpClose will be there. I can introduce you…”

Jade shrugged. It was tempting, even for just a change of

pace. Work and more work had been her focus recently.

Maybe she needed a break. “My roommate and I actually

were planning to just rent a few videos and hang out at home.”

“Roommate?” Cassandra asked, raising an eyebrow.


“My roommate is female,” Jade informed Cassandra,

ending any illicit thoughts. “And she’s my best friend.”


“Well, bring her. It’s a party so the more the merrier. You

can watch movies any other day. How often does the new mil-

lennium come around?”

Jade wrinkled her nose. “I’m kinda getting tired of the party

scene.” Nelson had always drunk the night away at parties,

barely remembering she existed. “Besides, every New Year’s

Eve party I’ve ever been to has always been for couples.”

“Don’t even worry about that,” Cassandra said, dismissing

that thought with the wave of a hand. “I’ve been planning this

party all year, and it was originally going to be a singles event.

Now that I’m engaged, I guess I have to invite Kenny.” Kenny

shrugged, and to Jade’s surprise, instead of kissing him, Cas-

sandra gently rubbed his arm. “In other words, some people will

have dates, some will be single. It really won’t be a big deal.”

Easy for her to say. Last New Year’s Eve at The Red Piano,

Jade had been so overwhelmed with the raw emotions of her

recent breakup that she’d barely gotten through the evening.

When the clock had struck midnight and all the customers had

embraced their loved ones, she’d felt a devastating rush of

sadness. Seeing all the couples so happy together had only re-

inforced the fact that her marriage had failed a few months

earlier. And she hadn’t been able to get the picture of a happy

Nelson and his new pregnant girlfriend out of her mind.

“I’ll think about it,” Jade promised, pushing away her

thoughts, hoping that soon the pain of Nelson’s betrayal

would be a thing of the past.

“Do more than think about it,” Cassandra said sternly, play-

fully shaking a finger in her direction. “Be there. We’re gonna

party like it’s 1999. And I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Chapter 2

JADE AWOKE SLOWLY, as if some force had gently pulled her

from her slumber. Sunlight spilled through the blinds and

onto the bed, promising a bright winter day, but she knew that

hadn’t awakened her. Light or dark, loud or quiet, Jade could

sleep through almost anything.

It was more like a sense that she wasn’t alone that had lured

her to consciousness.

Quickly her head flew to the left. There she saw Kathy, her

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