Invasion of Justice (Shadows of Justice)(94)

By: Regan Black

If you could have five books (other than your own) on a deserted island, which five would you pick?

I'd have to take my Bible, because I wouldn't be anywhere without my faith. Other than that, can I count the Harry Potter series as one? JK Rowling really affords me some great escape reading. I'd have to have Nora Roberts (preferably a trilogy) and to satisfy my love of kilts, I'd take Karen Moning. Any (or all) of Debra Webb's romantic suspense, and anything by Anne McCaffrey. That's five authors, if not five specific titles.

And, what other three items would you take with you?

Assuming this island was deserted after it was improved with running water, functional plumbing, decent shelter and electricity, I'd take my toothbrush, computer, and my favorite Birkenstocks. (Especially since Inge won't be there to tell me I can't wear them).

And, which of your characters would you want to have with you there? (I pick Jaden, she can do anything including kick bad guy butt).

Right now, Nathan tops the companion list because he deserves a long vacation after the whole prison thing. (Not to mention, he's hot!) If I had to choose from all the characters I've ever written, I'd choose Erik. You don't know him, but believe me should you have the occasion, you'd fall in love too. He's tall, dark, extremely capable, (in case that island's not so improved) and about as sensual a hero as I've written to date. (And yes, my husband's a little jealous of him).

Why did you decide to write your book in the future rather than present day?

Because I like making things up. I do research, but I prefer to set the rules and let my imagination run wild.

Do you model characters after people you know?

Only the villains. I have a rather dark tendency to vent my irritation with people by killing off a representative character in my stories. So far it's kept me out of anger management classes.

What's the greatest obstacle you've overcome in your life?

The hurdles in high school track–or maybe three greyhounds sleeping between me and my side of the bed. After nearly four decades of life, I'd say the greatest obstacle I've overcome is self-doubt. Confidence is the one thing no one else can give you. You have to decide what you want and that you deserve it just as much as anyone else deserves to live out their dreams. It may mean a few skinned knees and stubbed toes to shed other people's expectations, but it's worth the effort to find who you really are.

Some of the scenes and situations in your book are very intense. How do you unwind and relax after writing?

I keep a masseuse on staff. His name is Andre and he's just fabulous. Then my personal assistant runs a steamy lavender scented bath and I soak until I'm pruny. After that I don a silky robe and join my husband who's tucked in the kids, prepared shrimp scampi and opened a bottle of crisp White Riesling. Then…whoops there goes that imagination running away again.

Boxers or briefs?

Who's wearing them?

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