By: Jacquie Underdown

‘So, which way to your apartment?’ he asked, grinning.

He was truly sexy, but there was something else about Brendt, beyond his superficial good looks. He was reaching me on a deeper level — right where it counted. And that’s when I realised that my life long yearning, that constant pain, was no longer present. I felt whole, stitched. And I wasn’t surprised. Strangely, not at all. As though, on some level, I expected this to happen.

I grinned back and said, ‘I’ll lead the way.’

He smiled and I smiled as we stepped out into the warm night air together.

‘So where do you work, Brendt?’

‘Radio 219UE. I do the breakfast show with my mate Leith.’

‘Oh, yeah. I’ve heard that. You’re funny.’

He grinned. ‘I try to be. And what about you?’

‘I’ve just started in P.R.’

‘You like it?’

‘I do. I’ve got a great boss and I’m learning heaps each day.’

He stopped in the middle of the street and looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes. ‘Is this conversation giving you a massive case of Déjà vu?’

I nodded, eyes wide. ‘Totally. It’s…weird.’

‘Weird but good, right?’

‘So good.’

Brendt smiled and we started walking again, his protective arm around my shoulders. His tall, muscled body, his warmth pressed against me made my legs weak. I was buzzing, almost bursting to get this man home and into my bed. He stoked deep primal urges in my body. Urges that had been suppressed every day of my life until now. My heart was wide open, my mind; the strangling shackles gone. I felt…free.

Again, Brendt stopped. He pushed me back against the shop front, the lights from inside spilling onto us, and kissed me deeply, with tongue and heat and breath. Hands caressed and squeezed. Breathless, he peered deep into my eyes, his face so close to mine. ‘I’m so glad I bumped into you again tonight.’

I held the back of his neck and his tight waist. ‘Me too. It feels like perfect timing.’ Then I pulled him closer and sank against his lips. Lips I was always meant to kiss.

Also By Jacquie Underdown

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