Trapped with the Maverick Millionaire

By: Joss Wood

Anything can happen on an island with the one who got away...

Fame, fortune and a sexy-as-hell swagger make famous hockey player Mac McCaskill nearly irresistible to Rory Kydd. They shared a searing-hot almost kiss years before. But now that she’s been contracted as his physical therapist, she’s determined to keep things professional. She keeps her hands to herself—until she and Mac are isolated on his private tropical retreat during a raging storm...

Mac never forgot how Rory made his blood burn. He wants the kiss they never had...and much more. But once the storm ends, so does the fantasy. Will the connection they found in paradise survive the real world?

“We’ll be the only occupants at Cap du Mer,” Mac added.

Rory swallowed at the low, sexy note in his voice. She’d be alone with Mac, on a Caribbean island with warm, clear water and white beaches and palm trees. Utterly and absolutely alone. She wasn’t sure whether the appropriate response was to be thrilled or terrified. Or both.

Sex and business don’t mix, she told herself. He’s your patient!

Sun, sea, sexy man.

Not liking the cocky look in his eyes, the glint that suggested that he knew exactly what she was thinking about, she lifted her nose. “Well, at least we won’t disturb the neighbors with your screams of pain when we start physio.”

“Or your screams of pleasure when I make you fall apart in my arms,” Mac replied without a second’s hesitation.

Rory’s heart thumped in her chest but she kept her eyes locked on his, refusing to admit that he rattled her. That instead of making her furious, as it should, her entire body was humming in anticipation and was very on board with that idea.

Rory folded her arms and rocked on her heels. “I hate it when you say things like that.”

“No, you don’t. You hate it because it turns you on.”

* * *

Trapped with the Maverick Millionaire is part of the From Mavericks to Married series—Three superfine hockey players finally meet their matches!

Dear Reader,

Trapped with the Maverick Millionaire is the first in my new series called From Mavericks to Married, and I am so excited to introduce you to Mac McCaskill, Kade Webb and Quinn Rayne, all professional ice hockey players for the Vancouver Mavericks. All single, all playing the field, all determined to keep playing the field...

While Kade and Quinn have hung up their skates to become the CEO and acting coach of the Mavericks respectively, Mac McCaskill is still playing professionally and he is the captain of the wildly popular franchise. When the owner of the Mavericks dies, the three friends put their plans to buy the franchise from the widow into motion, but they are facing stiff opposition from other interested parties. It’s a sensitive time for the Mavericks and they can’t afford for anything to go wrong.

So when the very independent, hates-to-ask-for-help Mac injures his shoulder, the friends rally to keep his career-threatening injury under wraps and they recruit the best physiotherapist in the Northwest to help him regain his strength.

Unfortunately, that physiotherapist is Rory Kydd, the sister of the model Mac publicly humiliated years before and the girl he almost kissed shortly thereafter. Rory doesn’t want to work with Mac, either. Their attraction is still off the charts, but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Happy reading!

With love,



Rory Kydd, dressed in a too-small T-shirt and battered pajama bottoms, walked into the kitchen of her sister’s luxurious kitchen and looked at the dark screen of the TV sitting on the counter.

Her best friend, Troy, had texted to tell her the Vancouver Mavericks had won and there had been high drama during the post-game interview. She was tempted to turn on the TV to see what he was talking about but, because she had a paper due and exams looming—and because she was trying not to think about one Maverick player in particular—she decided to have a cup of coffee and go back to the books. But even if she didn’t give in to temptation, it couldn’t be denied, team newbies Kade Webb, Quinn Rayne and Mark “Mac” McCaskill were a handful both on and off the ice, and Vancouver had three new heroes.

Three young, unfairly talented and, it had to be said, stupidly good-looking heroes.

And the best-looking of the bunch, in her opinion, was dating her older sister Shay.

Rory poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned her butt against the counter. Shay and Mac made perfect sense, she told herself. Again. Shay was a model and a TV presenter. Mac was the supertalented, superfine center for the city’s beloved hockey team. They were the perfect age, she was twenty-three and Mac a year older, and, according to the press, because they were both beautiful and successful, a perfect match.

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