Town of Chance:Believing in Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The Dare Series 7

Town of Chance: Believing in Love


How are you feeling today?

Eliza Grace looked at the text message on her phone. She stared at it for several seconds, wondering how to respond. It was the same thing day after day, week after week. Parker’s texts asking how she was feeling, and if her bruises were almost gone, and what her schedule at work was. It was driving her insane.

“What’s wrong?” Missy Ann asked her as she thumbed through a magazine while they lay out by the pool. It was a hot summer day, and Eliza Grace sat under the umbrella being sure to not burn. Since doing the photo shoot for a fundraising calendar she had been so busy with jobs. Her boss Clarissa hooked her up with a couple of other boutiques a few towns over, and she was scheduled for a runway show in a few weeks too. She swallowed hard. Her dad and her cousins hadn’t seen the calendar yet, but she knew they would any day now. So far they were the bestselling calendars in several years, and she was shocked to see she landed not only the front cover, but also several other shots throughout.

She had been insistent that she wouldn’t wear the tiny bikini as she posed in front of the classic sports car. Somehow, from her boss’s perspective and the photographers working the shoot, she looked extremely sexy in the short strapless romper. She was happy with the end results, just nervous that the calendar would give her further exposure. She didn’t want the negative kind.

“Oh, I know that look. Is the text from Parker again?” Missy Ann asked her as she adjusted her large breasts in the small bikini she wore only for sun bathing. It was pink with tiny white polka dots and barely covered her breasts.

Eliza Grace looked at her and sighed. “I can’t take it. This whole big brother stuff is ridiculous.”

“They like you. They claimed guardianship of you and you declined them even though you’re crazy about them.”

“I’m not crazy about them.”

Missy Ann raised one of her eyebrows up at her and then snorted. “You daydream about them all the time and turn down dates with other guys. Hot guys, I might add.”

“I turn down dates because I don’t feel comfortable about dating.”

“Eliza Grace, you’re being stubborn. I know you have fears. We all do, but Burker, Parker, Lynch, and Tazer are older, more experienced and mature, and they know what a commitment is. When they find out you’re a virgin, they’re going to really become more protective of you.”

“Missy Ann, you sure do talk a tough game considering you’re a virgin too. If you were in my shoes you’re telling me you would feel confident taking on four much older men who are Special Ops no less? That is just bullshit, plain and simple.”

Missy Ann sighed. And looked toward the pool and then back toward Eliza Grace.

“I don’t have four older, sexy men wanting to make me their woman. You do, and your cousins know, your dad knows, hell, the sheriff and most of the town know that those men want you, but you’re fighting it. Why?”

“For a lot of reasons.”


“Like, we’ve been over this before. Parker and Tazer claimed guardianship because I was in danger and hurt after the attack and Shelby’s abduction. There was nothing more to that, and basically they backed down as soon as I was in the clear and Shelby was safe.”

“They were put on the spot by the sheriff. Max asked you if you accepted them as guardians and you said no.”

“Of course I did. They want to be big brothers. They see me as a little sister and nothing more. Besides, I’m not interested in getting involved with any man, never mind four men like the Hayes brothers.”

“But you like them.”

“What’s not to like, Missy Ann? They’re mysterious, sexy, have huge muscles and dangerous jobs, and they disappear all the time to do those jobs that no one knows about or questions. They have connections and resources. I’m sheltered, shy, not sexy enough, or woman enough, and I’m a hermit.”

Missy Ann chuckled.

“A hermit? Honey, you’re a model and I saw the calendar pictures. Your body is exceptional, and you have that whole petite, sweet angel look about you. Did you ever stop to think that they might feel too old, or too experienced for you? That maybe they think you deserve more?”

She glanced down at the text and thought about what Missy was saying. She exhaled. “I don’t know what to think. I just don’t have any experience to go by in dealing with Parker and his brothers. The only experiences I’ve had when dealing with men, boys, if you think about college, is violence.”

Missy Ann reached over and covered Eliza Grace’s hand. “Honey, you still haven’t gotten over the fact that you were attacked, nearly gang raped in college. You fought back, and those five guys didn’t succeed.”

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