From Enemies to Expecting

By: Kat Cantrell

Winning is nonnegotiable...and so is parenthood!

Marketing exec Trinity Forrester needs PR buzz. By-the-books baseball tycoon Logan McLaughlin needs ticket sales. Their plan is simple: embark on a pretend romance to boost publicity. But soon their reality-show kisses lead to explosive off-camera lovemaking...

Trinity knows her fling with her frustratingly handsome costar ends when the cameras stop rolling—not with a diamond ring and proposal. But when their fake romance yields a very real pregnancy, will the emotionally guarded duo choose winning...or wedding?

Logan McLaughlin was perfection under her hands.

Trinity wanted more. And took it.

Tilting her head, she deepened the kiss and he countered instantly, swirling his tongue forward to find hers, heightening the roar of hunger pounding through her veins. His mouth. God, the things it was doing to her. The things it could do.

And then all at once, his lips disappeared and she swayed forward, desperate to get them back on hers. Instead, he leaned in and nuzzled her ear.

“How’d I do?” he murmured. “Close enough to what you were going for?”

Trinity laughed, because what else could she do? “Yeah. That was perfect.”

He’d been on to her scheme the entire time. Of course. What had she thought, that a man with commitment and white picket fences written all over him might actually go for a woman like her, who’d turned her independence into a shield? That he’d been as into the kiss as she had, almost forgetting it wasn’t real?

Never in a million years would they make sense together—unless it was fake.

This was a great place for goodbye. But for some reason, Trinity was having a very difficult time taking her hands off her partner.

* * *

From Enemies to Expecting is part of the Love and Lipstick series—For four female executives, mixing business with pleasure leads to love!

Dear Reader,

At last we have Trinity’s story! She leaped onto the page in that first board meeting in The CEO’s Little Surprise, and I could not wait to find out why Fyra’s chief marketing officer was so outrageous. Turns out she has a few secrets that she hides underneath her bold exterior, and she definitely needs someone who can get past the smoke screens she throws up. Conservative former baseball pitcher Logan McLaughlin did not expect to be that guy, and I had a lot of fun letting him loose with a woman who is more than his match.

I am a huge baseball fan—go, Texas Rangers!—and I loved helping Trinity navigate being the fake girlfriend of a baseball team owner. As I wrap up the Love and Lipstick quartet, I’m a little sad to say goodbye to these four friends who are living out my dream of running a cosmetics company. I hope you’ve enjoyed each book as much as I have. Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!

I love to hear from readers. Visit me online at


Kat Cantrell


Logan McLaughlin hated losing. So of course the fates had gifted him with the worst team in the history of major league baseball. Losing had become an art form, one the Dallas Mustangs seemed determined to master. Short of cleaning house and starting over with a new roster, Logan had run out of ideas to help his ball club out of their slump.

Being the team’s owner and general manager should be right up his alley. Logan’s dad had run a billion-dollar company with ease and finesse for thirty years. Surely Logan had inherited a little of Duncan McLaughlin’s business prowess along with a love of baseball and his dad’s dot-com fortune?

Ticket sales for the Mustangs’ home games said otherwise. A losing streak a mile long was the only reason Logan had agreed to the ridiculous idea his publicist had put forth, otherwise, he’d never have darkened the door of a reality game show. As last-ditch efforts went, this one took the cake.

But, as his publicist informed him, Logan had run out of charity golf tournaments, and they hadn’t helped drive ticket sales anyway. Short of winning games—which he was working on, via some intricate and slow trade agreements—he needed to get public support for his team another way. Now.

Exec-ution’s set teemed with people. Logan stood in the corner nursing a cup of very bad coffee because it was that or rip off someone’s head due to caffeine withdrawal. He should have stopped at Starbucks on the way to the studio, but who would have thought that an outfit that asked its contestants to be on the set at 5:00 a.m. wouldn’t have decent coffee? He was stuck in hell with crap in a cup.

“Logan McLaughlin.” A pretty staffer with an iPad in the crook of her elbow let her gaze flit over the other contestants until she zeroed in on him standing well out of the fray. “Care to take a seat? We’re about to begin filming.”

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