The Witch's Seduction

By: Elle James

Chapter One

“Look! There she is!”

Deme Chattox smiled as she stepped off the escalator into the     baggage claim area of Chicago O’Hare Airport. All four of her siblings stood in     a group. Each one of the Chattox sisters were so different in looks and     personality, no one would guess they were related.

But Deme knew. Even when they weren’t nearby, she felt their     presence, sensed when one of them was in trouble and shared their emotions from     happiness to sorrow, more intensely than normal humans.

Truth was, the Chattox sisters and all the sisters on the     Chattox side before them weren’t normal. They were witches. Once Deme had railed     against the differences. Now she embraced their uniqueness. Not everyone was as     in tune to the world around them, nor could others wield magic like herself and     her siblings.

“We missed you so much.” Aurai, the youngest, engulfed her in a     bear hug so tight Deme could barely breathe. A wisp of wind swirled around her,     a sure sign of Aurai’s emotions. The young woman had so much power at her     fingertips, sometimes it scared Deme.

“Hey, loosen up a bit. I was only gone a month.” Deme laughed     and hugged her little sister, smoothing her hand over her long, silky hair. “I     missed you too. How’s college?”

Aurai laughed. “Much better without a monster in the     cellar.”

Deme frowned. “Any other weirdness going on at     Colyer-Fenton?”

Aurai shook her white-blond head. “Not since the initiation.     I’ve kept busy studying and flirting with the hot guys.”

Deme sighed. “As it should be for any college student.”

“Hi, Deme.” Selene shook back her thick, chocolate brown hair.     She wore one of her signature flowing broomstick skirts and peasant-style     blouses, all soft and feminine compared to Deme. Selene wrapped her arms around     Aurai and Deme, smiling softly. “I’m so glad you’re moving back to Chicago.     We’re not the same when you’re gone.”

“Let me have some of that love.” Gina grinned, her sea-green     eyes sparkling as she slid into the group hug.

“Hey, Sis. About time you came home.” Brigid crossed her arms     over her chest, her black leather jacket swooshing softly. She looked like a     badass biker chick, but Deme knew it was a front to protect her big heart from     being broken.

Deme held out a hand. “Get over here.”

Brigid’s cheeks reddened, but she complied, completing the     clutch of woman, all hugging.

Deep inside, Deme could feel the rightness of having all of     them together. They were meant to be close, to live in the same city and be a     part of each other’s lives. Her time in St. Croix had only added to that     conviction. With so many miles between them she’d been a shell of herself,     running a business she had no passion for.

“Okay, okay, let her have some air.” Brigid was the first to     back away.

Deme caught her hand and Aurai’s. The women formed a circle of     joined hands. Then whispering quietly so that others wouldn’t hear, Deme lead a     prayer to the goddess.

“With the strength of the earth

With the rising of the wind

With the calm of the water

With the intensity of fire

With the freedom of spirit

The goddess is within us

She is power

We are her

We are one

Blessed Be.”

Her sisters repeated, “Blessed Be.”

Aurai let go first, heading toward the luggage carousel. “Let’s     collect your bags and get you home.”

Deme followed more slowly, walking in step with Brigid. “How’s     everything been in Chicago? Anything I should know about?”

Brigid worked in a motorcycle shop in the heart of the city and     moonlighted for the Chicago Police Department. If something was happening, she’d     know. “Guess you heard they captured Vladimir Romanov?”

Deme nodded. Cal had filled her in during their last telephone     conversation, several days ago. “Cal said it took some doing. Did they get     enough evidence for the Tribunal to put him away?”

Her sister nodded. “The knife he used to kill Franco Ledet and     an eyewitness to the murder.”

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