Demon's Embrace

By: Elle James

Chapter One

I struggled through a haze of cool fog, pushing my way     out to emerge naked on an empty city street where a solitary streetlamp lit the     corner of the next block. Drawn to its unearthly glow, I floated along on silent     feet, my focus forward, the warmth it promised tugging at me like an invisible     string, guiding me, beckoning, pulling me.

As I neared, a shadow broke away from the lamp pole.

A flash of fear brought me to a momentary halt, my pulse     leaping, flight instinct warring against the lure that urged me forward.

The shadow’s soft chuckle heated the night air. Warm hands     reached out to grab me, wrapping me in a cocoon of naked, muscular male.

My fear evaporated and I sighed, burying my face against his     chest. “Blaise.”

“Yes, sweet Katya, it’s me.”

My fingers curled into the hair at the nape of his neck,     tilting his head toward mine, my lips longing for the caress of his. I hated     that I needed him, like a body needs liquid to quench its thirst. “Where have     you been?”

“Out.” He brushed his mouth across mine with the lightness of     butterfly wings.

I wanted more, pressing into him, lifting my head, impatient,     my nerves tingling in anticipation.

His lips met mine, crushing, invading, his tongue edging past     my teeth. He pushed me backward until my shoulders connected with the solid     brick wall of a building. Then he pressed a knee between my thighs to part them     and lifted my legs to wrap around his waist.

The brick fell away, replaced by the soft, billowy bed of     cottony clouds. I sank into the comfort, taking him with me, my ankles locking     behind his back.

His cock pressed into me, thrusting into the slickness of my     channel, stretching me with his thick, hard girth.

I moaned, my tongue twisting around his, thrusting in rhythm     with his hips, his cock, the way he moved over my body.

Ripples of release pulsed across my nerves, building in     cascading explosions until my back arched off the clouds.

His cock thrust one last time and we ignited in a simultaneous     release of the purest sunburst of energy.

My breath held as I rode the waves of ecstasy to shore, the ebb     and flow of sensation drawing me back in and out until I fell back to earth, my     descent cushioned by the grasp of his hands on my hips.

When at last I could breathe on my own, I lay limp, my muscles     and bones liquefied under Blaise’s intense assault.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered, pressing his lips to each     eyelid, coaxing me to comply.

“Not yet,” I mumbled, my legs tightening around him, refusing     to let go, refusing to awaken from whatever dream I was in.

An annoying buzzing blasted through my refuge of half-sleep,     half-dream, shooting through my ear, straight into my head. “What the hell?” My     eyes popped open, my ankles released, my heels falling to the mattress of my     bed. The incessant buzzing continued, complete with a clatter of plastic on the     wooden surface of my nightstand, effectively ending my sensual dream.

Blaise rolled off me, collapsing against the pillows.

I snatched my cell phone up, punching the talk button.     “Danske.”

“Meeting at the precinct in fifteen.”

My boss’s words cut through the remaining haze of sleep,     chasing back the lingering fluffs of fog, returning me to earth with a     resounding thud.

“Fifteen?” I glanced at the clock and groaned. I wasn’t due on     duty for another hour and a half. “I need a shower.”

“I don’t care what you smell like. Be here in fifteen.”     Lieutenant Thomas, the detective assigned the illustrious duty of managing     Manhattan’s Paranormal Investigative Team, had spoken. “And bring Blaise with     you.”

“What if I don’t know where he is?”

“Cut the crap, Agent Danske. Where you are, he is. Both of you,     in the War Room in fifteen.” The line cut off.

I glanced at my partner, Blaise Michaels, the demon who’d taken     up residence in my life. “You hear that?”

He nodded.

“Does he think you live here?” I tossed back the blankets,     strode naked to the scuffed dresser I’d purchased from a secondhand store and     yanked open the top drawer, digging around for a bra and panties.

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