Indecent Experiment(7)

By: Megan Hart

“Yep. I’m a psych experiment virgin. Not the other kind,” Matt added hastily, then winced.

Melissa bit back a chuckle. It would’ve been stupid to think they wouldn’t talk about sex at all, given the nature of the experiment, but it was nice to see they hadn’t paired her with a guy who though blow-job jokes were a good way to pass the time. “What made you decide to pop your cherry, so to speak?”

“I saw the notice and really just couldn’t pass up the chance to maybe make enough money to go to Cancun for Spring Break. Some buddies of mine have this great deal on a condo at an all-inclusive place.”

Envy pricked her, though she didn’t know why; she didn’t have time for a vacation. There’d be time for trips after she got her full-time position and all the benefits. It would be worth waiting for. “Well, you picked a doozy for your first one.”

Matt ducked his head for second, but then looked at her with those decidedly non-blue eyes. Greenish-brown. Hazel, really. “Yeah, really. I mean…it’s crazy, huh? That this is supposed to lead to….”

They both looked over at the bed in the corner. Then they looked everywhere but at each other. Their palms clung and stuck, moist.

But after that, the conversation didn’t tangle as much as Melissa thought it would. Matt turned out to have some good stories, ones that made her giggle quite a lot. He had a nice voice, low and deep, and a really nice laugh.

By the time the buzzer sounded, alerting them to the end of their time, Melissa had forgotten she was holding Matt’s hand. Well, not forgotten exactly, since every time they shifted position or got up to use the restroom or grab a snack or a drink from the stocked minifridge, they had to make the conscious effort to rejoin hands. But she’d forgotten that it should feel strange to link their fingers together, press palm to palm.

“Have you ever heard of bundling?” she asked just before they left, when they’d both released their hands and stretched, heading for the door.

“Sounds familiar.” Matt held the door open for her so she could step through.

“It’s something they used to do with courting couples. It would be cold, so they’d allow the couple to be in bed together, under the blankets, to keep warm, but they’d put a bundling board between them to keep them from doing anything inappropriate.”

He laughed as they entered the lab’s quiet, dim hallway, every other light turned off in honor of it being after hours. The only sound other than their footsteps was the shush-shush of the janitor’s mop on the floor ahead of them. She noticed they’d fallen into step naturally, him shortening his stride to match hers.

“Sounds…sexy,” Matt said. “And that reminded you of tonight?”

“Sort of,” Melissa admitted. “Because those young couples didn’t necessarily know each other when they started, but the long-term goal was getting them together in the end. For marriage, of course, not just…you know. But still.”

Matt was silent as they reached the end of the hall and the doors to the psychology building. Once they passed through them, they were no longer supposed to have any contact. He paused, hand on the metal bar that would push the door open.

He looked at her. “So…what do you think’s going to happen here?”

“I don’t know,” Melissa said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Well, she wasn’t blond. Not blue eyed. And she definitely didn’t have a D-size rack, not even a single D. Her hands had been small and soft, though her grip was firm and strong when she shook hands and sweeter, more relaxed later, after they’d spent the four hours talking.

Actually, it wasn’t a bad first “date,” Matt thought as he showered and shaved, brushed his teeth and picked out clothes for the next night’s session. He’d been on worse, and even though Melissa might not’ve turned his head at the bar, spending those four hours with her had been pretty nice.

He was looking forward to tonight, if for no other reason than it meant he had a reason to blow off Damian and the other bros, who were all hanging out at the frat house with the underclassmen. They were having something called a “poker party” with one of the sororities, where everyone was given half a playing card, and the goal of the night was to find the person with the other half of your card, then spend the rest of the night hooking up. Matt wasn’t really interested in spending the night trying to get into the pants of some sophomore or junior…or worse, a freshman.

Anyway, tonight on the list was holding hands, with the addition of hugging. Matt had no idea how this was going to go, but he was up for it. It beat the hell out of some other ways he’d spent his nights lately, namely up to his ass in unpaid bills or in schoolwork.

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