Town of Chance: Fight for Freedom(9)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

He hit the call button the phone and heard a female voice on the second ring.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Shyanne asked him.

“Well, sweetheart, I’ve got a tricky job for you to do. It isn’t going to be easy, but if you’re successful, then your debt to me is owed.”

“Seriously? Wow, this person must be really important for you to find. Give me the details and I’ll come through. Don’t you worry.”

He smiled.

“I’ll send over what I have in just a little while. Oh, and if you find her quickly, I’ll even pay you a little something in cash, besides clearing your debt to me.”

“Nice. I’m on it, Mickie. Anything for you.”

He disconnected the call and smiled. It sure did pay to own so many people. He thought about Shelby Ann. She sure did look different. Sexier, classier, like a woman in a new life. He felt a little guilty, but that passed quickly. Skip and Blade hadn’t been the same men after she left them. Perhaps having her back would settle Blade down so he would stop hurting women and have his number one girl back. Mickie always thought that if Blade had the chance to fuck her then she wouldn’t be such an obsession. But then again, Skip got to and was just as obsessed with having her back, so who knew what would happen. He didn’t even care. He would do his job and find her. They would have to take care of the dirty work.

However, if they screwed up badly and she tried to press charges, or worse, they killed her, then he would be the one to get them off because that was how good of a lawyer he really was.

Chapter 2

It was dark when Shelby Ann arrived home with Tazer following close behind her. She shouldn’t have been surprised to see Max’s sheriff SUV sitting outside of her place. She knew the rules of this town and instead of being angry she should feel grateful. Especially since all the way home the only thing that kept her from crying hysterically and freaking out about seeing Mickie was that Tazer was protecting her.

She had been smart enough to text Kenneth and say she left Charlesburgh and was on her way home so he wouldn’t worry and maybe show up at her place, too. That would have been a nightmare. But she didn’t feel relieved. She felt guilty.

She took a deep breath and she gripped the steering wheel after placing the car in park in her driveway. Looking up, she saw Max and he opened her car door for her.

“Are you okay?” were his first words to her. Not What’s going on? Who was that man? Explain the trouble you’re in. It was how are you and she swallowed hard but couldn’t get out the words.

She waited there a moment and now Tazer stood beside Max, squinting his eyes and seemingly concerned.

“I didn’t call your guardians, and I could have. I suggest you’re a hundred percent honest with Max and me,” he said, and she nodded and then got out of her car. They followed her into her house and she offered them something to drink before they stood by the counter and waited for her to speak.

“I don’t know where to start,” she whispered, her hands shaking as she kept busy arranging and rearranging the fruit in the fruit bowl. Max covered her hand and she locked gazes with him.

“Just explain who the man in Charlesburgh was and what and whom you’re obviously running from. I know you use your mother’s maiden name, but even with that, someone could probably track you down. What is going on?” Max asked.

“Back in New York almost two years ago, I was in a relationship with a man and things…got bad,” she said to them.

“He was abusive?” Max asked. She nodded.

“He was controlling, manipulative, and powerful when it came to weakening my defensives. Plus, he was good friends with my boss, a person who got me freelance paralegal jobs. In Manhattan, with some of these high-profile cases or just regular cases where more paralegals are hired on to do research and such, he got me jobs. I got more jobs than anyone else, not only because I’m good at doing research but because my boss, Jerry, had a bad habit and Skip, my boyfriend, had connections.”

“He was addicted to drugs?” Tazer asked, taking a seat at the island.

“He was addicted to a lot of things, sex included.”

“Sex? You mean prostitution?” Max asked.

She knew what was probably going through their minds.

“I wasn’t a prostitute so don’t think that for a second. Skip had connections in lots of areas but he was low end, not high end. I didn’t even know he had those connections until I started putting things together at work and I analyzed comments Jerry would make to me. I had a feeling something illegal might have been going on, but when I asked Skip, he told me nothing was illegal. That he knew a lot of people. So for the right amount of money he could get great tickets to sold-out shows, concerts, and dining venues. You name it, he could get it. But then I realized one night as he talked about these women and describing them to the color of their eyes and the size of their breasts like they were being ordered, that something was wrong. I confronted Skip. I accused him of cheating on me.”

Also By Dixie Lynn Dwyer

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