Town of Chance: Fight for Freedom(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Oregon, huh? No wonder he couldn’t find you. I’ll see you around, Shelby, I’m sure.” Shelby pulled Tazer along with her and she hoped that Hayworth believed she lived in Oregon. She purposely made it sound like she slipped up. As she looked back toward him, she saw him on his cell phone. His eyes bore into hers and she knew she was screwed.

“Would you like to explain to me what exactly that was all about?” Tazer asked as they exited to the side of the building.

“No,” she replied and looked behind her and around them.

“Shelby Ann, how the fuck do you know a scumbag like Mickie Hayworth?” Her eyes widened and she was surprised that he knew Mickie.

“It’s a long story.”

“Well, I’ve got time and so do you.”

“I need to head back to Chance. I need to go now,” she told him, looking around and knowing that the longer she stuck around the greater the chance it would be for Mickie to follow her or have someone else do it.

“You were scared. I saw your face, read your body language. It’s obvious you know what kind of man he is. Now, I know that you haven’t shared your past with the Pace men or with Max for that matter, but may I suggest that you do? I know what that prick is capable of. The way he looked at you, swept his eyes over you was not like an acquaintance does.”

“Tazer, please listen to me. I can’t tell you how I know him. I can tell you that I was never involved with him but involved with someone who was close to him. If I don’t get the hell out of here right now, he’s going to have someone follow me, or he’ll follow me on his own. Please, just drop this for now and understand that I can’t tell you everything. I just can’t. Please,” she said and looked around them. He did, too, and then exhaled.

“Where are you parked?”

“Over there.” She pointed.

“So am I. I want you to pull out and head down the road and make your second right. Meet me there and then I’ll follow you back to Chance and make sure we don’t have a tail.” He held her shoulders and looked down at her and she knew he could tell she was scared and about to cry.

“I’ll help you. Now move,” he said and she did immediately.

* * * *

“You are not going to believe this, buddy. But guess who I just saw as I finished up in court in Charlesburgh?”

“Who?” Skip asked.

“That sweet little blonde you searched for months for and then gave up on.”

“Shelby Ann?” Skip asked, and Mickie smiled as he held the phone against his ear and then got into his car.

“Yes indeed. Met her in the local courthouse. Was trying to get some info on her and what she was up to, where she lives, but some big-ass dude with a crew cut and muscles showed up and pulled her along. I think a boyfriend or something.”

“Really?” Skip asked and Mickie could hear the upset in his friend’s voice. Skip had really taken a liking to Shelby Ann, and rightfully so. The woman was built to please a man in bed. But he went over the line when he allowed Blade to touch her, too, and then cut her to intimidate her. It was a wild scene.

“How did she look? Happy? Like this guy is her boyfriend or something?”

“She looked incredible, professional, and was maybe there for work. I don’t know. Do you want me to find out?”

Skip was quiet.

“She’s more mature, her hair is longer, nearly to her ass in an abundance of curls, and her body even more perfect than even I remember.”

“Find out what you can.”

Mickie smiled. “You got it. Are you going to tell Blade about her?”

“Blade was even more obsessed with her than me, especially after he marked her as his woman forever. Find her, and then I’ll tell him and maybe send him to retrieve her for the both of us.”

“I don’t want to know any details. After all, I’m your lawyer,” he said, but he couldn’t help but be aroused by the actions his friends would take with Shelby. He disconnected the call and looked around for Shelby but couldn’t find her. It may be a little more difficult to track her down now, but she must live nearby. He would make some calls and begin to search.

He scrolled through his contacts, looking for the right people as he thought about that night at Skip’s and how Blade had gone overboard. Blade liked to torture women, not kill them. He screwed up a few times in the past two years and it nearly cost Blade his freedom, but Mickie got him off. Women were weak, and he had a way of manipulating their minds and making them see that they weren’t victims but instead instigators to the abuse they sustained from men like Blade and even Skip. Even though he would get nothing out of finding Shelby for Skip and Blade, he felt excited and happy for them. It seemed to him that neither man had been the same since she disappeared that night. Blade even searched for replacements and Skip obsessed with work and making money. This was going to make them very, very happy.

Also By Dixie Lynn Dwyer

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