Town of Chance: Fight for Freedom(6)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

She held his gaze. His dark blue eyes squinted at her. “So you’re taking off to Charlesburgh for Cynthia alone? Are you sure you should be doing that?”

The fact that he knew she was going and obviously knew she was trying to sneak off was one thing, but how he asked if she was sure she should be going alone really freaked her out.

“I’m a grown woman, Kenneth. I can drive my car and handle dropping off items in a courthouse. Thanks.” She went to move her hand and he held hers a moment. She looked at him and his eyes grazed over her breasts. She swallowed hard.

“Be careful. Is your cell phone charged?” he asked her as he released her hand and helped her gather the paper clips. As she looked down she realized her white blouse was undone an extra button and her cleavage exposed more than normal. She was always dressing conservatively. Even when she went to the beach with her friends she wore a cover-up even to go into the water. She knew the scars couldn’t be seen in a bathing suit, but she didn’t like showing off her body. All because of Skip.

She was shaking a little inside as she gathered the paperclips and then reached for the desk to help stand up. She wore high heels and wobbled slightly but Kenneth drew her around the waist and used the opportunity to touch her. He inhaled as he looked down into her eyes. She froze in place as usual. The man was so sexy, charismatic, and good-looking. Even with his neatly trimmed beard, slicked back brown hair, and gorgeous dark-blue eyes, he was hard to resist.

“You be careful, baby. Call me if you have any problems or need anything,” he said. She widened her eyes at his use of the word “baby,” and how easily it released from his lips and how affective it was in setting her body on fire and making her pussy clench and her heart race.

“Kenneth,” she whispered and he pressed a finger over her lips.

“Don’t,” he said and then leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

“Let me know when you get there and also when you’re home, so I know you’re safe.”

She nodded, shocked at his show of affection and concern without thought to the fact that they were in the office and anyone could come by her open door like he had and see them. As he stepped away, he let his hand glide along her ass and she tightened up. It felt so good. She wished for so many things, but none of them had yet to come true.

Thirty minutes later as she pulled her car into the parking lot outside of the county courthouse, she felt that panicked feeling once again. She didn’t like being so far from Chance. She didn’t like being alone, and Kenneth’s words rung in her head. She grabbed her cell and texted him.

Just arrived in Charlesburgh at the courthouse.

Thank you, Shelby.

His return text was immediate. It made her imagine him sitting at his desk, cell phone close and waiting for her text to say she was okay. It gave her mixed feelings, but she pushed them aside. It would be something else to talk to Shayla about tomorrow.

She grabbed what she needed and headed toward the busy courthouse. She would do what she needed to do and then get the heck out of there.

* * * *

Tazer Hayes was finishing up a meeting with some government representative and a judge in his office at the county courthouse. He was feeling a little on edge because on his way in earlier he saw someone he recognized, or at least he thought he did.

Mickie Hayes was a piece-of-shit lawyer who worked for any scumbag out there doing illegal shit like arms deals, insurance scams, and even prostitution rings. Tazer remembered Mickie Hayes helping out a guy who was retired from the military and stealing government-issued supplies and selling them on the streets. Mickie was one hell of a defense attorney. Some people might have seen the offense as minor. So what that people who never served a day in their lives wore the uniform to get special treatment and even funds from donations by people who thought they were supporting soldiers. Shit like that made Tazer sick. Knowing that scum like Mickie Hayworth got men like that off without penalty really got under his skin.

As Tazer finished up the meeting and shook their hands, he couldn’t help but ask the judge if he knew about Mickie Hayworth and why Mickie was here in Charlesburgh county court.

“I can’t stand that guy. He’s gotten involved with some of the worst individuals out there over the last several years. I believe he’s here today representing some guy who was charged with abducting a woman and holding her in his home against her will. However, there was a turn in the case as of this morning and all charges have been dropped. The woman took back her accusations of rape and being abducted and said she willingly went. Things got out of hand but she was a willing partner in the activities,” Judge Howards told Tazer.

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