Town of Chance: Fight for Freedom(44)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“How was your shower?” he asked her.

“Okay,” she said, sounding sad.

“Just okay? What’s wrong? Are you in pain? Is something bothering you?” Kenneth asked, putting down his laptop and kneeling on the bed.

“Nothing the three of you can’t fix,” she said, and Sam sat up as Bender pulled her close and ran his hands up under her sweater. His eyes widened. “I was cold in there, Bender. Can you guys warm me up, please?”

Bender smiled as he lifted her sweater up over her head, exposing her naked body to their eyes, and then he kissed her. He fell back and she smiled as she kissed him back. When she pulled from his lips, Kenneth and Sam were there just smiling softly and watching her and Bender.

“Why are you two still dressed?” she asked.

Kenneth widened his eyes. “Shelby?”

She reached down and began to undo Bender’s jeans as if she had just made love to the three of them together so recently it was no big deal. But this was a big deal. It had been weeks, and she realized that she needed them even though they thought she needed time.

Sam reached over and cupped her neck and head, tilting her face up toward him. His dark-blue eyes held hers and she felt his sincerity and love. “Are you sure, Shelby? We have all the time in the world.” She ran her hand over his wrist and smiled at him.

“I need the three of you inside of me together so badly, it hurts. When you’re making love to me, everything is perfect and I’m free. Free from the fear, from the nightmares, and free to love the three of you with all my heart. I need you. Please,” she whispered. Sam licked his lower lip and then looked at his brothers then back to her.

“We love you so much, we only want what’s best for you, and always what you need and desire.” He leaned forward and kissed her lips as she knelt above Bender and he got undressed. When Sam released her lips and ran his palm from her shoulder and neck to her hip and ass, she knew everything was going to be perfect.

Bender pushed down his sweatpants and shimmied out of them. She felt his thick, hard cock beneath her pussy and immediately eased down over him, taking his cock into her cunt. She held onto his shoulders and began to ride him slowly, and as best she could with one arm in a cast leaning against his chest and shoulder. Then she felt Kenneth join them on the bed. He lifted her chin, leaned down, and kissed her softly. She could see the love in his eyes as well as the desire. As soon as he pulled back, he lifted his cock and got into position on the bed.

She opened for him and licked along the base of his cock and prepared to take on all three men at once. That was when she felt the cool liquid against her anus and Sam’s fingers working their way into her ass.

“I love this ass, and I love you. I love being inside of you, making love to you and sharing you with my brothers.” He kissed her neck and suckled her skin. She shivered and shook as Bender thrust upward as Sam stroked her ass. She lifted her head up and down over Kenneth’s cock as he caressed her hair and her cheeks and moaned softly from her assault on him. But then she felt Sam pull his fingers from her ass and she was suddenly filled with excitement, need, desire, and a hope that this time would be like the others. That with all three men loving her together she would feel on top of the world, free of her fears, and just get lost in them forever.

“Here I come, baby. You’re ours always and forever.” She felt his cock slide into her ass, and that was it. With every stroke, they filled her up and left their mark upon her. She felt her fears, the uncertainty and the anxiety, release with every thrust and every word of love and adoration. She gave as good as she was getting and as she came, she felt her heart soar and it was exuberating. Kenneth came next and then Bender and Sam followed. She felt the tears in her eyes and promised herself that she would always love these three men. Always be the woman they needed and always remember that love was the most powerful force of them all. The Town of Chance was the perfect haven to let that love grow and to begin a new life together as one.


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