Town of Chance:Believing in Love(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Now. Shit, okay, give me ten.” He disconnected the call. She leaned back, knew the routine. They were always being called off to some mission or problem and situation that needed their expertise. It was just another indication of where their priorities lay and how she couldn’t fit into their schedule even if they really wanted her in that way.

“I have to go. I don’t want to leave this conversation this way, but I can’t wait. You are not a waste of time. We’ll talk about this again. Make sure you text Parker your work schedule.” He stood up and before he left he paid Rita. Rita waved and smiled and then looked toward Eliza, giving her a half smile then a sympathetic look. So even Rita saw what Eliza did. That these Hayes men were too busy with their lives and set in their ways to even try to include Eliza Grace in their lives.

It just wasn’t going to happen. Maybe she should take up Ryan’s invitation to hang out together at Spencer’s?

* * * *

“You didn’t have to leave. We could handle this,” Lynch said to Tazer as Tazer walked into the office in their house.

“I was with Eliza Grace.”

“Doing what?”

“Having lunch.”

“She let you take her to lunch?” Burker asked, looking shocked.

“Of course not. I made it happen.”

“What made you do that?” Parker asked him as he gave his brother that look. Parker was all over Lynch and Tazer for holding back their feelings for Eliza Grace but there was shit going on. Dangerous stuff and they didn’t have the time to entertain the attraction. Their nerves were shot, they were paranoid about things and pretty upset over the last few cases they were asked to work on.

They had men they used to serve with being found tortured and killed when they went on some secret investigations for a private investigative firm. They wanted answers but as they pushed for them red flags came up everywhere and dead ends. Someone was trying really hard to cover up these killings. It was all connected to some organization trying to lure young women into organized prostitution. At least that’s what they thought. So seeing the after effects of the things that were done to these women in pictures and at crimes scenes had them desperate to protect. It was getting to be impossible to not claim Eliza Grace despite her insecurities and denial of her affection toward them.

If they could only figure out why she held back and kept her distance.

“She was talking to Jacob and Ryan Paisley by her car in town. They were laughing and kissed her hello. Ryan kept looking at her body in the pretty little outfit she had on. She looked so feminine and petite and those guys are big guys.”

“What was her reaction?” Parker asked.

“She conversed. I asked her about it and she said she’s known Jacob since high school. That was the end of that,” he replied.

“You think they want to ask her out?” Lynch asked, looking down right pissed.

“Obviously,” Tazer said and then stood by the chair where Parker was.

“So what’s the deal with this guy Stolley?” he asked, changing the subject.

His brothers exhaled.

“He works the black market well. Sells everything from high priced jewelry and high end art to children,” Lynch said to him.

“Children?” he asked, shocked.

“Fucking real piece of shit. Don’t know why no one has taken him out, but it must have to do with the fact he hides well. No one ever really knows where he is,” Parker said.

“What does he have to do with the soldiers getting killed?” Tazer asked.

“Crosby and Lance tried to meet up with this Stolley guy in Austin. Seems they were onto some sort of prostitution ring where they can order certain types of women willing to engage in any activity. But they were looking for a certain young woman,” Parker said to him.

“Who was it?”

“Commander Lancaster’s daughter,” Lynch said, straight faced.

“Oh shit. He sent in Crosby and Lance to find her? She’s caught up in this prostitution thing?” he asked.

“Sure as shit seems that way. But they never got to the location of where she was being held, or if she was in fact at the location. Seems like a clusterfuck of an operation to me,” Lynch told Tazer.

Tazer ran his fingers through his hair.

“Who else is investigating this?” Tazer asked.

Burker leaned back. “It’s on the down low. The Commander is obviously embarrassed by this situation. But now that two retired Special Ops guys show up dead, it isn’t a secret. We got a call from Mick Flours. He’s been assigned as lead agent by the Feds. He’s ready to work with us,” Burker explained.

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