Town of Chance:Believing in Love(6)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Great job, Eliza Grace. Excellent.”

Two hours later as she pulled her car into town to pick up some dry cleaning, she caught sight of Tazer talking to Max outside of the sheriff’s department. She waited in the car, hoping he didn’t see her and she took the time to watch him from afar.

He was wearing a pair of dark jeans, black boots, and a short-sleeve shirt that hugged his muscles. Even from this distance she could tell he had huge muscles and flat abs. His skin was a little darker than normal because he tanned in the summertime. That slicked back black hair looked a little untamed today, but she knew it was silky soft and often imagined running her fingers through it as he kissed her. She swallowed hard, felt her breasts actually swell from her thoughts and even her pussy reacted. She was such an idiot.

She couldn’t wait much longer. She had a lot of things to do today and after the dry cleaner she wanted to stop into Rita’s for a salad. She totally missed lunch today and it was already three o’clock.

She got out of her car and adjusted the waist on the black one-piece short set she wore. It had spaghetti straps and the shorts hit her upper thighs. She wore a pair of beige wedge sandals. The designer jewelry in emerald green and cream finished off the outfit. It was a set they sold in Clarissa’s boutique but she got it for half the price.

As she pulled on the strap of her purse she heard someone say her name. Turning, she was surprised to see Jacob and Ryan Paisley. She had gone to high school with Jacob. They had three older brothers.

“Hi, Jacob, Ryan, how are you?” she asked.

Jacob leaned closer to kiss her cheek as Ryan waited and looked her over before he kissed her cheek hello next. Both men were good looking, blond and tall.

“We’re doing well, how about you? You look fantastic as always,” Jacob said to her.

“Thank you. What’s going on? How is the job hunting going?” she asked, knowing Jacob was in between jobs. Jacob moved back here to Chance a few months ago to help their dad with his construction business and his brothers were each involved in the military or law enforcement. Ryan was a state trooper with York, one of Caroline’s boyfriends.

“It’s going,” Jacob said and Ryan chuckled as he leaned against Eliza’s car.

“He hasn’t been looking hard. I think he likes the construction business. Wearing no shirt, working on his tan. He’s got a date every night of the week,” he said and Jacob hit his brother’s arm.

“I do not.”

Eliza Grace chuckled and then looked at Jacob. He and his brothers were very nice guys and all blond, all good looking and single. But none of them seemed to be ready to settle down.

“Well, good for you, Jacob. Maybe you’ll find that special someone,” she said to him.

Ryan cleared his throat.

“What are you up to? Still working at the boutique in Charlesburgh and Cambridge?” Ryan asked.

“Yes, and keeping really busy. I was just going in to pick up some dry cleaning.”

Ryan looked at her and smiled. “You planning on hanging out at Spencer’s any time soon? We haven’t seen ya.”

She felt her belly tighten. Was he flirting with her? Oh God.

“Actually, work has been crazy, but I think Missy Ann and I will be going there later in the week,” she said to him and then looked past him to see Tazer standing there by the sheriff, watching her. He looked so angry it made her lower her eyes and then press her hair behind her ear.

“I have to work this weekend. Maybe we’ll meet up there another time?” Ryan asked and she knew he was probably going to ask for her number. That sick, nervous feeling hit her gut.

“Well, who knows, maybe it will work out. I need to get going. I have an appointment in a little bit and still have errands to run.”

She said goodbye to them and both men smiled and said goodbye. As they headed toward the sidewalk she saw them talking and glanced at Tazer. He said something to Max but didn’t even turn to look.

She quickly crossed the street and went into the dry cleaner.

She got her stuff, paid and then left to put it into the car. She looked toward the sheriff department before she locked up her car to make sure Tazer wasn’t around. Then she felt that disappointed feeling. She was a moron. What was she thinking? The man was terrifying.

As she headed toward Rita’s and walked inside she was greeted by a few people and then ordered her salad and an iced tea.

“Is that to stay or to go, Eliza Grace?” Rita asked her.

She opened her mouth and then stopped as someone spoke from behind her.

“To stay. I’ll take the usual.”

She turned around and looked way up into Tazer’s dark eyes.

Also By Dixie Lynn Dwyer

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