Town of Chance:Believing in Love(5)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

She caught Clarissa looking at her and then turning away and taking the man by his arm. He didn’t seem happy about it. “Come on, you have like two minutes,” Elizabeth said to Eliza Grace as she ushered her behind the changing booth. It was small and not exactly completely private but no one could see except Elizabeth. Which took some time getting used to. Elizabeth had been wonderful and encouraging from the start. She really pushed Eliza Grace to go for this modeling thing and even helped to give her pointers. Like the Brazilian wax and a place who did amazing work. That hurt like a mother, but was well worth it. She remembered getting the wax job the first time and then touching herself several times, enjoying the feel of smooth skin. It also brought on thoughts of Parker, Burker, and even Lynch and Tazer who were so freaking intimidating and angry looking most of the time.

She swallowed hard as she felt her breasts tingle. She really did have it bad for them, and knowing she couldn’t have them hurt so much. She had to do something about this.

“Come on,” Elizabeth said as she helped Eliza Grace with the knot in the back of the very small, tight top. Her belly was completely exposed. As she came out from behind the curtain one of the other assistants was there. “Here, put these sandals with the heels on. They’ll make your legs look even better than they already do,” she said and Eliza Grace looked at the very high heeled sandals and exhaled. She hated very high heels and wedges, yet had become accustomed to wearing them to make her appear taller. These were adorable and sexy at the same time. She stepped into them as Elizabeth held her waist. Ken came over. He looked her over and adjusted her hair.

“Okay, the belly ring is perfect. Leave it in,” he said as she glanced down and adjusted the bottoms on her hips.

“Keep them low on your hips. You have great hips, Eliza, and this shoot is going to show off that perfect body. Let’s go,” he said and they all followed.

As they headed onto the patio she glanced at Kelly, another model who was getting her hair and makeup done. She would do the next shoot in the bikini. That was something Eliza refused to do. Yet.

Ken placed Eliza Grace where he wanted her then had the assistants add the sun hat, then the bag and she started to pose. She was lost in the role she needed to play, the only sound she focused on was the click of the camera and Kenneth’s movements. He gave her some direction but not much. He was a very nice guy and very attractive too. It had taken a while to get used to him looking at her, taking her picture and even adjusting her body, her clothing and things. But soon she realized that photography was an art and he was the artist trying to create the perfect photograph. Clarissa’s boutiques were famous, and the clothing line exquisite. Her catalogue had been gaining more and more exposure and in recent months many models moved on to bigger agencies or they simply disappeared.

Eliza Grace wasn’t going anywhere. This little photo shoot was just perfect for her.

“Hold the hat outward and bend forward then turn to me.” He gave the direction and she did what he said. The pose was sexy, and in this position she knew her large breasts pressed forward, her thighs tightened and her expression was sexy.

Ken whistled and she heard the other comments about how hot she looked and then the smiles. They were so impressed with her and it strengthened that low self-confidence she had, just a notch. But as she changed positions and then tilted her head back and placed her hand on her hip she caught sight of the man that had been with Clarissa. Was he taking a picture of her? She lost focus.

“Eliza Grace, what’s wrong?” Ken asked. She swallowed hard as Clarissa shook her head at her and then said something to the man. He said something back and Clarissa lowered her eyes. Eliza Grace didn’t know what to think or what she was even looking at or seeing go down.

“Eliza?” Ken said her name again. She lowered her eyes and shook her head.

“Sorry. I lost it a moment.”

Ken smiled as he stepped closer. He fixed her hair and then clenched her chin between thumb and finger. “You look fantastic. Not too sexy at all. Beautiful,” he said and winked before releasing her and walking away. That was Ken. He was encouraging and he knew her limitations. Though he had tried to convince her to do more pictures in the bathing suit other than the one shot with the entire group of girls for that calendar. He was lucky she even did that. The sneak had her center stage anyway and she couldn’t say a word. Those other girls would have killed to be the center model.

As she looked past Ken and began to get into position again she noticed the man was gone and Clarissa was there watching.

Also By Dixie Lynn Dwyer

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