Town of Chance:Believing in Love(4)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

* * * *

Parker was pissed off. What the hell kind of response was that Eliza Grace gave him? It sounded like she was telling him to stop texting her. He looked at the computer screen. How the hell could he concentrate on the files now? Where was she? Who was she with? What the hell was she up to? He didn’t know and neither did his brothers because they were all acting like idiots. They liked her, wanted her to be their woman, yet they held back. She was inexperienced, shy, and so damn petite they could break her with one arm wrapped around her tiny waist. But her body was exceptional. Her large breasts and sexy ass were all he kept thinking about night after night.

He watched her in the hospital as she rested and he imagined her waking up and accepting their guardianship and then their bed. But that didn’t happen. His brothers kept their distance from her whenever she was awake. But when she slept they would kiss her forehead, caress her cheek, and just watch her. He knew what they were thinking. How they wanted her but then they got the call on an old job. A bad individual who somehow escaped imprisonment with the help of friends. It sent them on an investigation that they still worked on now and were close to closing.

Their hunt for Osborne consumed their every waking hour and it made them realize that they weren’t ready to commit to Eliza Grace and to provide the protection she needed at all times. When she told Max she didn’t accept them, it had hurt so badly but they were focusing on work and couldn’t take the time to explain their feelings for her. That had been months ago.

He lived for the daily texts they sent back and forth to one another. Although he would have preferred to hear her voice, to see her in person, the texting became a life line to her. So to get the response he got today he knew that she was annoyed. Either that or she was with someone, or seeing someone. That thought instantly made his chest tighten and anger filled him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Burker asked as he walked back into the home office carrying a plate of cut up apples and oranges. He sat down, putting a water bottle in front of Parker and the other by his desk and then the plate between them.

“Nothing,” Parker said and then opened the bottle of water and took a slug.

“Did Eliza Grace text back?” Burker asked but didn’t look at him. He was trying to be nonchalant about asking, but Parker knew his brother was just as interested in hearing from Eliza as he was.

“Yeah. She’s fine.”

Burker went to ask him something else when his cell phone rang.

Parker took a piece of apple and then leaned back and looked at the computer screen. He barely heard Burker’s conversation but then Burker slapped his arm.

“So you need our help? No problem, give us the name and whatever you got. Sure thing, Finn. Parker and I are on it.” He disconnected the call.

Parker sat forward. “What’s up?”

“Looks like Finn Connelly is involved with a case and they need to track down this guy who abducted a woman. They think they’re headed north,” Burker said as he started typing on the keyboard.

Parker felt that instant anxiety and concern and immediately cleared his head to focus on what was needed.

“What do you need me to do first?” he asked Burker and then swallowed hard. This was the problem with their lives and their responsibilities. Thoughts of Eliza Grace were once again put on hold. He wondered if a relationship with her would ever work out, or was he destined for noncommitments and the constant need to be ready to take off at a moment’s notice and drop everything to focus on life and death situations and being the last hope to save some victim’s life? What kind of life would that be for Eliza Grace? What kind of danger could they bring her way unintentionally?

Chapter 1

“That’s perfect. Just move your leg a little to the left, now hold it,” the photographer, Ken, stated.

Eliza Grace moved into position then bent back against the railing.

“Perfect. Excellent, Eliza. Excellent,” he said.

She felt the warm breeze caress against her hair and could see her boss, Clarissa Dane, smiling and then turning to greet a man in a suit.

“That’s great. We’re all done here. Let’s have Margie set you up with the purple two-piece and move this onto the patio,” Ken said to her and then started giving orders to the two assistants about props and a straw beach bag with matching sun hat.

She quickly headed toward the changing room and caught sight of the man with Clarissa and he was watching her. His eyes swept over her body and Eliza felt that tightness in her chest. That feeling she didn’t like getting. She was used to Ken, Elizabeth, the others in the crew as well as Clarissa watching her as she modeled, but not other people.

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