The Maverick Millionaire

By: Alison Roberts

The man she has been waiting for…

Jake Logan may be ex-military, but recently he’d been more at home among the glitterati of Hollywood’s finest. So different from where he is right now: seeking shelter from a powerful storm with the most beautiful woman he’s ever met. She’s a breath of fresh air!

Ellie Sutton doesn’t trust easily; she’s discovered that the hard way. With nowhere to run, for some reason she feels safe with the handsome enigmatic stranger. But as rescue draws closer, they realize they don’t want their time together to end….

The Logan Twins: One storm—two happy endings!

“Here…” Jake offered her a hand. “Take it easy, though. That foot won’t want much weight on it.”

He held out his other hand as Ellie started to rise and, a heartbeat later, she found herself on her feet, holding both Jake’s hands.

And he wasn’t letting go.

She couldn’t even look away from his face. From a gaze that was holding hers with a look that made the rest of the world cease to exist. Everything seemed to coalesce. Surviving the rescue, finding their way to shelter, being rescued herself and the bond that had grown and grown today, thanks to Jake’s heroism. So many powerful emotions.

His face was so close. She only had to lean a little and tilt her face up and her lips would meet his.

And, dear Lord…she could feel it happening, and no alarm bells were going to halt the process, no matter how loudly they tried to sound.

She was so close now she could feel his breath on her lips and her eyes were drifting shut in anticipation of a kiss she wanted more than anything she could remember wanting in her life.

The sharp crackle of static from behind made her jump.

“Medic One, do you read? Ellie…are you there?”



Jacob Logan was not going to let his older brother assume responsibility for sorting out the mess they were in. Not again. Not when he was still living with the scars from the last time.

Ben was only the elder by twenty minutes and their parents were long gone. Why was it so incredibly hard to break free of the beliefs that had got embedded in childhood?

But this time it was his turn to take charge. Yet again, it had been his bright idea that had got them into this mess and it was a doozy. So bad that it might be the only chance he ever got to look out for Ben for once.

This was more terrifying than the aftermath of their father’s wrath for any childhood scrape they’d got themselves into. Worse than being in the thick of it in Afghanistan after they’d both escaped by running off to join the army. This was a life or death battle and the odds were getting higher that they weren’t going to win.

There’d been warnings of possible gale-force winds yesterday and they’d known they could be in for a rough day, but nothing like this. Cyclone Lila had changed course unexpectedly overnight and dawn had broken to mountainous seas, vicious winds and driving rain that almost obliterated visibility. The strong currents made the waves unpredictable, and the fleet of yachts in this Ultraswift-Round-the-World Challenge had been caught, isolated and exposed in the open seas east of New Zealand’s north island.

They’d caught some of the stats on the radio before the yacht had finally been crushed under a mountain of water and they’d had to battle to get into their bubble of a life raft. Winds of sixty-five knots and gusts up to two hundred miles per hour. Waves that towered up to fifty feet, dwarfing even the biggest boats. Competitors were retiring from the race in droves and turning to flee, but not fast enough. Boats had overturned. Masts had snapped like matchsticks. Mayday calls had gone out for men overboard. Bodies had already been recovered. There were search aircrafts out all over the place, but the only thing the Logan brothers had heard over the sound of an angry sea had been the deep drone of an air force Orion and that had been a long way away.

The Southern Ocean was a big place when you were in trouble.

They’d been drifting for hours now. Being tossed like a cork in the huge seas.

By some miracle, they’d finally been spotted. A helicopter was overhead and a crewman was being lowered on a winch. Jake could see the spare harness dangling.

One harness.

No way could more than one person get winched up at a time.

And he wasn’t going to go first. This weather was getting worse by the minute. What if the chopper couldn’t get back?

‘You’re going first,’ he yelled over the noise of the sea and the chopper.

‘Like hell I am. You’re going first.’

‘No way. You’re hurt. I can wait.’

The guy on the end of the winch had disappeared behind the crest of a wave. Caught by the water, he was dragged through and suddenly swinging dangerously closer. Someone was putting their life on the line here to rescue them.

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